Our vehicle warranties

AutoConcept's warranties give you maximum security when purchasing a vehicle.

AutoConcept's warranties give you maximum security when purchasing a vehicle.

Today's vehicles contain advanced technology with up to 20 000 different components and expensive electronics that account for a large share of any repair costs. As a customer you want to safeguard yourself from costs of damages to your vehicle.

We can offer a range of warranty options with different component scopes, depending on the vehicle's age and mileage.


Questions and Answers

How do I register a warranty on a used vehicle?
In connection with the purchase from your vehicle dealer.

What is covered?
Sudden, unforeseen damage to the components defined in the warranty scope. Always read the terms and conditions in advance, so that you know what applies and what is covered.

Products with deductibles, other component scopes, terms and conditions may apply. If in doubt, please contact AutoConcept.

What is required for the warranty to apply?
The vehicle must be tested without damage to the components covered by the warranty. The dealer from where you bought the vehicle is responsible for this. Service should be performed according to the manufacturer's specified service intervals.

Is the warranty valid wherever I drive?
The warranty is valid in all countries included in the EU, EEA and when in Switzerland. Please check terms and conditions before you travel or call AutoConcept's friendly customer service for information.

Can I transfer the warranty?
Yes, the warranty always follows the vehicle when you sell it to a private person or back to the company where you bought it. Please email us any new ownership information.

Can I extend the warranty?
Yes, as long as it is issued without interruption, the warranty may be extended under current terms and conditions - we will remind you when it's time. We insure vehicles up to 15 years old and the warranty can be extended until the maximum Kilometre limit is reached.

Damage to the vehicle - what do I do?
Always report the damage first to AutoConcept, to get referral to a workshop for trouble shooting. The claim form is filled in online on our website by the workshop. As soon as it is received the claims department performs a quick, competent and objective assessment whereupon the workshop will receive a written response back. Remember that you are responsible for the troubleshooting cost, if the damage is not covered by the warranty.

If a failure should occur when you are on vacation in Europe, you must first report the damage to AutoConcept, and then take the vehicle to the nearest dealership workshop.

The simplest method of reporting the damage to our claims department is via our website. Then you pay for the repair and send the receipt and your account number to us. If the damage is assessed as valid for cover, we will make a payment directly to your account.

Did you know!

Road Assist 2016-07-13
We have made improvements to and clarifications of the terms and conditions relating to the product Road Assist. For more information, please select the terms and conditions of the product in the warranty menu.
Always covered by Flex*

If you reach the upper Kilometre mileage limit during the warranty period your warranty does not expire. Instead, the scope “flexes “down to the next applicable warranty product level. The claim is assessed according to the component scope that is relevant to the vehicle’s mileage at the time when the damage occurred. For detailed information, please read the full terms and conditions.

* Does not apply to products with the lowest level of insurance.

Read more about the changes in the component scopes of our various warranties in the product menu.

Additional premiums on large engines
An addition of 50 % to the premium applies to cars with an output range more than 220 kW (299 hp).

Other products
Products with deductibles, other component scopes, terms and conditions may apply. If in doubt, please contact AutoConcept.