Road Assist

If you have Road Assist in your vehicle warranty, you can get free help on the spot if your car is not drivable.

1. Start Help
2. Help in place
3. locking opening
4. Help the fuel stop
5. Salvage of engineering
6. Help the puncture
7. Repatriation
8. Valid throughout the EU / EEA

Road Assist means you get free help when the car is malfunctioning. At puncture, startup assistance, lock opening and fuel stop rectified the error in place. In other cases, towed the car to the workshop. Alt you can even get the repatriation of the car if it is less than 50 km to the residence. The insurance is valid throughout the EU, EEA and EFTA.

In case of damage

Emergency call. Dial + 46 300-52 10 10.

On your warranty certificate, you will see on Road Assist is included in your vehicle warranty.

If you require roadside assistance, call our hotline, which is open around the clock and provide the name, registration number, telephone number and cause of injury. Then a tow truck out to you.